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Hyangjin Orphanage - Teach & Play!

BEAN members at Yeoinaru Station (Line 5) Exit 2 on 09/13/2014

Date and Time:
Saturday, March 17, 2018
12:30 PM - 02:30 PM

Hyangjin Orphanage
Nam-Gu, DoHwa Dong, Incheon

Max. Number of Guests: 14

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Join us for an amazing time with our Hyangjin kids! All you need to bring is yourself and W3,000 to help us purchase snacks :) All Material will be provided for you. All levels of English are okay, just need confidence to enjoy your time with the students.



To sign up for the event:


Step 1. Create an account with BeanSeoul


Step 2. Check the attending button on the event


Step 3. Send an Email to BeanSeoul@gmail.com with your name and phone number. Even if you have signed up before, you MUST send an email.





What we do:


12:30 - Meet at DoHwa Station Line 1 inside the station


12:40 - Pick up snacks and walk to the orphanage together


1:00 - 1:45 Introduce and Lesson


1:45 - 2:30 Play and have snacks!



Teaching is focused on creating discussion through activities and worksheets. It is relaxed, so don’t worry about having to prepare, as the material will be given to you.



* We usually teach: 1 teacher per 2-3 students. So, if you sign up, please come!


* Wear comfortable shoes so you can play with the kids. They have a soccer field, which is very fun!


* If you need to cancel, please contact us ASAP so that we can try to get someone to take your spot. This can be difficult if it is too last minute.


* Each volunteer must sign up separately AND email us to confirm.



If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone or email:


Neil                 010-4274-1225               Beanseoul@gmail.com



Korean Directions:


03월 17일 토요일에 영어를 1시간 정도 가르치고 나머지 30분 동안 아이들과 놀아 줄 13명의 봉사자 분들이 필요 합니다. 함께해 주세요!

참여를 원하신다면:
- Attending을 체크해 주시고 [Sign Up]을 클릭해 주세요.
마지막으로 beanseoul@gmail.com로 핸드폰번호 포함하여 확인 이메일 꼭 보내 주세요!
그리고 아이들을 위한 쥬스/과자/과일을 살 수 있도록2-3천원을 가져와주시면 감사하겠습니다.
✻ 보통선생:학생비율은 1:2 입니다.
✻ 30분 정도의 야외활동이 있을 예정이니 편한 신발을 신고 와 주세요!
✻ 우리는 가르치고 + 놀아주려고 가는 것임을 기억해 주세요.
✻ 부득이하게 취소하셔야 할 경우, 최대한 신속하게 핸드폰/이메일로 연락주세요.
날짜: 3월 17일, 토요일
시간: 오전12:30
장소: (인천방향) 1호선 도화역4번출구 (전철역 안에서 기다리세요)

*꼭 제시간에 와 주세요 - 역에서 보육원으로 같이 갔다가 같이 나옵니다.
토요일에 뵈요!!!
질문사항: Neil 010-4274-1225  Beanseoul@gmail.com

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